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We provide a variety of different styles of drum kits for guests to rent for major concerts and studios. Among them, the flagship GRETSCH USA Custom provides different sizes to meet the needs of various drummers. There are also two limited edition sets - Ludwig 90th Anniversary Classic Maple and Yamaha Al Foster Hipgig are classic collections.

In addition, there are 25 snare drums available in a variety of wood and metal options, including: GRETSCH, TAMA, YAMAHA, LUDWIG, DW, PEARL, CANOPUS, SONOR.


Vintage Oyster White Finish w/Chrome Hardware

24x14” Kick

22x16” Kick

18x14" Kick

10x7" Tom

12x8" Tom

13x9” Tom

14x12” Floor Tom

16x14” Floor Tom

18”x16” Floor Tom

14x8” Snare




Antique Pearl Finish W/Chrome Hardware


20x16" Kick

12x8" Tom

16x16" Floor Tom

14x6.5” Snare

Ludwig 90th Anniversary Classic Maple

Black Oyster Pearl Finish W/ Chrome Hardware

22x16 Kick

13x9" Tom

13x11" Floor Tom

16x16" Floor Tom

14x5” Snare

Ludwig Classic Maple.JPG
YAMAHA HipGig_1.jpg

YAMAHA Al Foster Signature Hipgig Sr.

Jaguar Finish W/Chrome Hardware


13x5” Snare

12x6.5” Tom

14x8” Tom

18x22” Kick


14x8" GRETSCH USA Custom (Maple) 

14x6.5" GRETSCH Solid Aluminum  

14x6.5" GRETSCH Broadkaster (Polar/Maple) BK65148VAP

14x6.5” GRETSCH Brooklyn Hammered Chrome over brass GB4164HB

14x6.5” GRETSCH USA Bell brass

14x4.5” GRETSCH Stanton Moore 1ply Birdseye maple 

14x6" YAMAHA Maple Custom With Wood Hoop

14x3.5” YAMAHA David Garibaldi brass

14x5.5" TAMA STARCLASSIC Bubinga

14x5" TAMA Aluminum (2003) PAL255

14x7" TAMA Mr.Children signature (Copper)

14x6.5” TAMA Star Reserve Vol.4 Hammered Copper TCS1465H

15x8” TAMA Star Reserve Vol.2 Maple/Bubinga TMBS158SOCOB

14x6" DW Collector's Series Maple 

14"x6.5" DW Collector's Series Edge

13x6.5" DW Collector's Series Maple

14x5” Ludwig 1970's Acrolite (Aluminum)

13x5.75" SONOR Benny Greb (Beech)

14x5” Ludwig 90th Anniversary Classic Maple

14x6.5” Pearl Crystal Beat Acrylic

14x8” GRETSCH USA Custom Maple Snare Drum(80's)  

13x7” DW EDGE

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