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About Us

The founder, Ouyang Haofeng, has more than ten years of experience in musical instrument product sales. He also serves as a stage percussion music design and tuning consultant for major concerts. In 2020, he founded TECHFORM MUSIC. TECHFORM MUSIC is the first company in Hong Kong to carry out percussion repair and maintenance works, musical instrument technical consultants, stage technical support, recording studios and product sales.


Ouyang Haofeng has more than ten years of experience in stage and percussion music. He has collaborated with singers including: Gong Shuoliang, Eason Chan, Lin Yilian, etc., and bands: Tai Chi, Mr. , RubberBand, Dear Jane, Supper Moment, Kolor, Jason Kui, Countercurrent, Maniac, and more, as well as world-renowned drummers: AKIRA JIMBO, Gavin Harrison, Aaron Spears, Matt Greiner, Anup Sastry, Luke Holland, and more.


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